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Nonton film Confucius terbaru


PG-13Genre: Drama, History
Quality: Year: Duration: 125 MinView: 22 views
43 votes, average 5.8 out of 10

In 500 B.C., during Chinas famed ‘Spring and Autumn Period’, Kong Ze (Confucius), a commoner reverred for his outstanding wisdom, is made Minister of Law in the ancient Kingdom of Lu. Under his inspired leadership, Lu ascends to new heights but becomes a target of conquest for the warlike nation of Qi. Threatened with annihilation by their powerful neighbour, a desperate people turn to their greatest teacher to lead their most powerful army. When Confucius delivers a stunning victory against all odds, a jealous aristocracy sets out to destroy him, but they should never under-estimate a remarkable man whose wisdom is more powerful than the sword.

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Language: 普通话
Budget: $ 22.000.000,00